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MaxHitPro is a 3in1 shareware program containing MaxHit Lotto, MaxHit Daily, and MaxHit Keno. It works on Win3.1 and above, NT, and OS2.

They are all free for the first 20 days. If you want to continue after this period, you must register the ones you are interested in.

All program updates, and game updates, are currently free. Use mhupdate.exe to update your program, and mhgame.exe to update your games.

Download MaxHitPro now if you havent already done so. This is powerful stuff. It really is the only way to play. Can run in easy or advanced mode.



If you do not have a previous version of MaxHitPro, download mhsetup.exe from one of the following sites and run it to instal the program.

Site 1 .... mhsetup.exe (v3.4.0 > Jan 1, 2001 > 2,500KB)

Site 2 .... mhsetup.exe (v3.4.0 > Jan 1, 2001 > 2,500KB)


MaxHitPro Update

If you have a previous version of MaxHitPro, download mhupdate.exe and run it to update your program.

mhupdate.exe (v3.4.0 > Jan 1, 2001 > 945KB)


Games Update

MaxHitPro is pre-loaded with source games for Lotto, Daily, and Keno. If the following file is more recent, you can download and run it to update the source games. Your current work games will not be affected.

mhgame.exe (Mar 1, 2001 > 446KB)


Games Text

The above Games Update is used for automatic updating of the MaxHitPro source games. The following file contains the same games in text files. They are not necessary for MaxHitPro (use Games Update above). (Mar 1, 2001 > 291KB)


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